Call for proposals

The “13th edition of JRES – Land of Inovation and Sharing" will take place from 3 until 6 Décembre 2019 in Dijon.

The JRES are held every two years and are aimed at the entire IT community of teaching and research: architects and system and network administrators, application administrators, IT assess managers, project managers, IT managers, responsible or correspondents of IT security, developers and users.

These days highlight the important activity of our community in the areas of information systems and its contribution to their integration into our various business activities.

Feedback (good or bad), best practices, technical evolutions, innovative uses, model results, prospective studies (…), if you had the opportunity to carry out research work or lead related projects to innovation or the reliability of the information systems and its uses, these days are an opportunity to share your experience with the community.

You are invited to submit proposals based on the JRES reference themes (non-exhaustive list), according to the following formats:

  • long presentations  (30 min + 10 min questions) ;
  • short presentations (15 min + 5 min questions) ;
  • posters ;
  • round-tables.

Posters should be considered by the authors as a different choice in form and exchange, which may be more relevant than a conventional presentation depending on the subject. though, they are treated on a strictly equal basis than the other presentations: the content must be as exciting, they are similarly accompanied by an article and they require the same investment from the authors. Only the methods of exchange with the speakers are different: the presentation delivers information to an assembly while the poster crystallises exchanges around a support.

The lightning talks and the BOFs will be renewed in 2019. They will keep a separate treatment with a dedicated submission mode, lightened and shifted in time.

Those wishing to submit proposals are invited to read the instructions to the authors.

Proposals must be submitted by March 22, 2019.


French is the language of the conference. Nevertheless, articles written and / or presented in English are also accepted. Proposals may therefore be in one or the other language. A simultaneous translation service from French to English can be organized as needed in a room for the few English native participants.

A space will be available for the associations promoting open-source softwares, whether it is free software in general or software in particular. Associations may submit a presentation of their structure to the program committee which will make a selection. Interested associations are invited to consult the instructions to the authors to submit their proposal.

The success of the JRES is based on the wealth of your contributions, so to contribute to make this edition more exciting than the previous ones, do not hesitate: propose, propose, propose! We are counting on you.