Dijon and Burgundy

A human-scale regional capital, Dijon is, like Burgundy and its wines, a well-balanced city. Not forgetting that in the 15th century it was the European nerve centre of the huge empire built by the Dukes of Burgundy. It is on the list of the top twenty French cities, bringing together all the services of a large metropolis with a city policy promoting proximity, conviviality, way of life and ecology. Regularly on the podium as one of the cities known to be the greenest, sportiest or safest, endowed with a large hotel capacity (1 to 5 stars), Dijon presents all of the advantages of a convention city, offering shops, services and choice addresses to the visitor wanting to relax, have a good time and eat a great meal. To help you prepare your visit, you will find information below on how to get to Dijon and the calendar of our events. Don’t hesitate to contact us for more information.

If you enjoy culture, leisure activities and gastronomy, Dijon offers you a large choice of outings, in all seasons.…

The economic soul of the agglomeration, Dijon’s city centre offerts 160,000 m& of sales areas, including a traditional covered market.

Just a few steps from the Convention Centre, the pedestrian is at ease in the city centre, one of the largest protected urban sectors in France.

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A single word is sometimes better than a long speech. Especially when that word is internationally recognised as being synonymous with know-how raised to the level of culture and the true art of living by 2000 years of tradition. Burgundy. What more needs to be said to highlight the rich cultural, natural and gastronomic heritage behind this magical name that is almost universally known ? It is in Burgundy, a centre of spirituality, that you will taste the world's greatest wines, be overcome by the golden light of its canals and rivers and wonder at the traces of the rich history of the Great Dukes of the East that can be seen everywhere. It is in Burgundy you are invited to raise your glass, unite, exchange and share. It's Burgundy that invites you to warmth and friendliness.

Prestigious enclosed vineyards, fabulous appellations, magical locations : the Dijon Palais des Congrès opens the doors to an international heritage of humanity.

Fine food
Guarantor of the region's gastronomic reputation, our catering service will introduce you to Burgundy's culinary traditions. Enjoy your meal !

Traditional, modern, living,… cultural Burgundy has shone down the centuries and invites you to enjoy some exciting trips.

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