List of themes

Systems & networks, hosting

  • System Architectures: Virtualization, Distributed Systems
  • Network architectures: IPv6, Software Defined Network (SDN), performance, new protocols, high density Wi-Fi, virtualization, etc.
  • Connected devices, smart buildings, etc.
  • Hardware architecture hosting
  • Administration: IT asset management, deployment, metrology
  • Storage, backup, archiving
  • Disaster recovery plan: implementation, evolutions
  • Sustainable computing: environmental impact, recycling, energy consumption, etc.
  • Cloud: private or hybrid cloud, pooling, outsourcing, administration tools
  • DevOps


  • Policies, methods and security standards
  • Protection of infrastructures, workstations, data
  • Securing services: attacks, spam, web application intrusions, etc.
  • Architecture: filtering policies, evolution of gatekeepers, intrusion detection, etc.
  • Information and user awareness
  • Logs: use, preservation, correlation

Digital Identity

  • Authentication, authorization
  • Directory, group management
  • Identity Federations, SSO

Digital strategy for organisations and institutions

  • Online services: social networks, file storage and sharing, etc.
  • Open data
  • SEO and reputation management, analysis tools
  • New services for education and research

Mobility and new devices

  • Uses of mobile devices
  • Interpenetration of private and professional uses (BYOD)
  • Impact of using consumer applications
  • Security Strategies
  • Adaptation of information systems
  • Mobile asset Management
  • IoT & co

Trades and organizations

  • Support for research and pedagogy
  • User relationship
  • Best practices: ITIL, quality
  • Evolution of trades and assignments
  • Merging organizations (universities, institutes)
  • IT Project Management

Uses and applications

  • Learning platforms, E-learning
  • High-performance computing, large data management (Big data)
  • Collaboration, videoconferencing
  • Digital documentation, zero paper
  • New tools, applications and innovative services
  • Open-source software

Legal aspects

  • Copyright
  • Privacy, personal data
  • Patentability
  • Legal archiving